This was our submission for Unity's Create with Code game jam held on the last weekend of October 2020. The theme is secrets and we were inspired by games such as Myst and The Room. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments!



1) Denisse

2) Satpreet

3) Jessie

Credits ----

3D models

  1. Druid Tome by INNER DRIVE STUDIOS:
  2. Handpainted Keys by ROBOCG:
  3. Stylized Hand Painted Dungeon (Free) by L2S ARTS: Used Door prefab, Textures and Materials.
  4. Living Birds by DINOPUNCH: Used Crow prefab, Textures and Materials.
  5. Animated Spiders Pack by 3D.RINA: Used spider 1 prefab, Textures and Materials.
  6. AllSky Free - 10 Sky / Skybox Set by RPGWHITELOCK: Used Cold Night Skybox.


  1. Scary Ambient Music (The Sick House) by TheBoseDeity. We cut the sound to be shorter
  2. Whoosh.wav by _bepis. We cut the sound to be shorter and adjusted the volume
  3. Scattered sounds (layer these?) » Running on ground by Disagree: Used the first couple of seconds and adjusted volume.
  4. Kid scream Audioversum Innsbruck 03.wav by LG: Used the last 2 seconds and adjusted volume.
  5. Great Britain » Door slam by arnaud coutancier: Used the first 2 seconds and adjusted volume.
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Horror


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short but cool. good job