Trapped in a place where fairies are meant to suffer for eternity, Firena must punch and kick her way past monsters to regain her wings and return to the surface.


Left Click    -> Punch/Fireball

Right Click  -> Kick

Shift                -> Transform

AD                   -> Horizontal Movement

W/Space      -> Jump


This is a small release demo of a project I started a few months back. Unfortunately, because of the lack of resources, development on this project will no longer continue until further notice. Still, it was an absolute blast getting to work on this game with my awesome friends. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Producer, Designer, Programmer, Character Art - Jessie Aniguid

Level Designer, UI, Programmer                                    -  Ethan Grossbach

Sound Designer, Composer                                               - Zachary Louie

Concept Artist                                                                          - Mia Kennedy

Special Thanks to:

Ben Tingly and Malena McKaba

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